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Jazz Studies Section - Athenaeum Conservatory


Τhe program of the Athenaeum's Conservatory Jazz Department lasts four years and offers the modern musician a comprehensive training, high level studies and concert experience. From the very beginning, students have the opportunity of participating in concerts in a very creative way, thus broadening their horizons with the challenge of distinction.

The teaching program is decided by the responsible teachers, who are outstanding established musicians in the Greek Jazz music scene, with artistic contribution and creativity.

The Jazz Department of the Athenaeum Conservatory offers to the students high level quality music knowledge and provides them with a diploma for the following schools.


Diploma in Jazz Singing

Diploma in Jazz Saxophone

Diploma in Jazz Piano

Diploma in Jazz Trumpet

Diploma in Jazz Guitar

Diploma in Jazz Bass

Diploma in Jazz Drums

Diploma in Orchestra and Improvisation




Preliminary Course

This cycle aims at preparing students to qualify for the main course. Its duration is two years, but there is also the possibility for the student to give rating exams in order to enter earlier into the next course.



Instruments, Jazz theory, Basics of improvisation.


Main Course

This is a four year course and provides the student with the Athenaeum's Conservatory Diploma in Jazz.


Compulsory courses:

Instruments, Ear Training, Jazz Harmony, Improvisation, Jazz Workshop, Jazz History, Jazz Piano.


Orchestra & Improvisation Course

This course allows students of the Conservatory and other musicians (professionals of all kinds of music, classical study students and others) to attend Improvisation classes and orchestras in order to acquire a general perception of Jazz music. This is also a four year course which provides the student with the Athenaeum's Conservatory Jazz section, Orchestra and Improvisation Diploma.


Free Education Course

Although it does not give a degree, this course is ideal for professionals of all kinds of music, classical studies students, actors and others, who are not able of attending a full Diploma Degree program. The course is designed by the students themselves, adjusted specifically to their own needs.


Concert Experience

Special education focus is given on the professional training of the student of the Athenaeum Conservatory's Jazz Section. Students have the opportunity of making regular concert appearances through the year, which are open to the public.


The Conservatory houses three rooms of a highly aesthetic quality:

The Great Hall ("LOULY PSICHOULI" Concert Hall), ground floor, and the Small Hall and Kelari, both in the basement of the building.

All three rooms are fully equipped with the necessary sound facilities.

The groups that appear are mainly Jazz Bands from workshops (duos, trios, quartets,etc.)

Room for study and rehearsals are offered to students.


Head Studies

Sylvios Syrros


Teaching Professors

Sylvios Syrros: saxophone - jazz voice phrasing – improvisation - jazz workshop - harmony

George Mikros: piano - jazz workshop

Prokopis Kottakis: piano

Spyros Manesis: piano

John Loukatos: electric guitar

Arionas Gyftakis: bass

Jacques Samuel: jazz history

Sofia Michailidou: voice technique