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Our Premises

Until June 1998 Athenaeum was housed in a neo-classical building constructed in 1925 by the architect A. Metaxas on the Amerikis str. The building, renovated by Athenaeum' s own funds, housed the Athenaeum Conservatory, the "Maria Callas"Concert Hall (where many activities took place, such as concerts, presentations as well as the first stage of the Grand Prix competition), the Athenaeum Members Club, and the students' dining hall.

Ιn September 1998 moved to a listed building, located at the archaeological area of Theseion, at 3, Adrianou Street.

This building was probably built in 1897. It was built especially for Andreas Cambas, founder of CAMBAS, the well-known spirits making Company and Distillery. The building was the home of the family. The living quarters occupied the mezzanine and first floors. On the ground floor was the wine cellar. The storehouse and the bottling facilities were located in the roomy basement of the building.

At that time, the Prime Minister Eleftherios Venizelos had picked the grounds of the area to construct wooden shacks by the dozen around and opposite the mansion so that refugees coming from Asia Minor could be housed. Thus, Adrianou Street lost temporarily its peace and charm.

Up to that time, this house had many moments of glory and glamour. It was viewed as one of the largest and most beautiful bourgeois houses of pre-war Athens.

Horse-carriages kept coming and going, coachmen scraped their horses in the house yard. Valets, chambermaids, nurses and cooks kept going up and down the massive wooden stairs.

Receptions, banquets and tea parties were taking place daily - at least this is the account given by neighbours who lived and witnessed all this, or by those who simply heard it being told by their parents.

During 1942-1944 the building fell into decay, as it was commandeered by the Italians for soldier quarters. From 1945 on and for about two years the premises were used as a shelter for beggars and vagrants. In 1946 the house was foreclosed by the Bank of Greece and in 1952 was auctioned. Two brothers by the name of Bountros bought it and established the ZAMA zipper manufacturing company in the house.

When the manufacture closed down in 1986, the building was completely dilapidated.

In 1992, Mr. Raptakis rented the building which housed his very lovely restaurant Barolo on the ground floor.

The ATHENAEUM International Cultural Center rented the building in 1996 and in the summer of 1998 renovated it at its own expenses.

The building houses are

The Conservatory

Two Concert Halls of a capacity of 120 persons each

The members'club

The students' dining room.

The library (with audio visual facilities) for students' use only.

The two Halls are also ideal for small conferences, exhibitions, book presentations etc.